kNot Today to be at Indianapolis Colts Training Camp and Launch New Partnership

kNot Today to launch Child Protection Campaign during Indianapolis Colts Training  Camp

Frank & Linda Reich to partner with Colts and title sponsor Kerauno at 2021 camp to raise awareness about  child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking

Indianapolis, – Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Frank Reich and his wife, Linda Reich are excited to announce kNot Today’s participation at 2021 Colts Training Camp. Camp will take place in Westfield, Ind. at the Grand Park Sports Campus fromJuly 28 to August 24. kNot Today will be set up in “Colts City” for the duration of camp where staff and volunteers will be available to engage visitors on kNot Today’s mission to end the sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of children in Indiana and across the United States.

“For Frank, Training camp is all about preparing the team for the upcoming season physically and mentally,” said Linda Reich, president and co-founder of kNot Today. “In a similar way, we believe that kNot Today’s participation at camp can help to prepare parents, caregivers and even children on the potential dangers and risks children have from predators, both in-person and online.”

Players, coaches and commentators across the NFL have spoken out in support of kNot Today’s mission [PSA]. And earlier this year, NFL Films profiled the restoration of a building in Indianapolis, which is now serving as a restoration center for children who have been sexually abused [NFL Films].

“One in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. This is a very tough subject to talk about, but that doesn’t make it any less real,” said Frank Reich. On the issue of child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking, it will take all of us — parents, caregivers, law enforcement, legislators and others — to end this horrific crime against our most vulnerable. We appreciate the support of the Colts, Colts Nation and the NFL community in this fight.”

At camp, kNot Today also will be launching a new, text-based resource center in partnership with Kerauno, a long-time technology partner to the Colts, Indianapolis Motor Speedway and others, to educate, engage and inform the public about this issue. Those interested in learning more or engaging with kNot Today can text ‘KNOT’ to 55434.

“We think text-based technology can play a critical role in helping to enable kNot Today’s mission to protect and restore children across the nation,” said Josh Ross, CEO of Kerauno. “Love for people is at the heart of our business, and we look for philanthropic partners who have that same passion. We are excited to see the impact that Frank and Linda Reich and the kNot Today foundation will have in our community in Indiana and nationally.”

Colts fans who visit kNot Today tent during camp or text ‘KNOT’ to 55434 may also enter into daily giveaways including signed merchandise and a chance to win a private meet and greet with Coach Reich. 

For more information, to donate, or to support kNot Today, please visit For more information on Colts Camp, and to get your free tickets,  visit


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