How to Activate for kNot Today This Giving Season

The work we do at kNot Today is inspired by so many. From our law enforcement heroes to clinical therapists, courageous children and their advocates (you!), we are of the mindset that making an impact takes dedication and passion from all of us. 

Today, millions of people like you are committed to giving during the holiday season so organizations around the world can continue making a difference. A commitment to supporting children may look different for each person, but the one thing we all have in common is the ability to take ACTION.

As believers in kNot Today’s mission, we invite you to find a way that inspires you to get involved this year!


Be a Hero This Giving Tuesday (Nov 30)

A generous, anonymous donor has agreed to match donations raised during Giving Tuesday up to $10,000, which means a contribution of any size is doubled! Your gift will support the funding of a new mobile forensic unit for the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. This unit may look like an ordinary truck on the outside, but inside it is outfitted with technology to quickly identify child sexual abuse material (CSAM) on electronic devices such as computers, phones and thumb drives. Identifying this material on-site during a search warrant may mean the difference between removing a child that night and months of continued abuse. These units are setting a standard for ICAC task forces around the country to more efficiently and effectively bring predators to justice.

Support this campaign: 


Buy One / Give One: Hunter the K9 Hero

Don’t let the puppy eyes fool you. Hunter lives up to his namesake every day. Hunter is one of 70 dogs in America trained to detect electronics–everything from thumb drives to cell phones. Hunter has been a part of hundreds of search warrants in Indiana since kNot Today gifted him to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force earlier this year.

We’re celebrating our K9 Hero, Hunter with the creation of a plush ‘Hunter’ in his honor. When you purchase a Hunter toy, we will give one to a child who has been rescued from sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. In addition, proceeds from your purchase will also go towards supporting the ICAC Task Force Mobile Forensic Unit. Thank you Hunter, ICAC & our kNot Today Community! Your donations are helping bring these criminals to justice every day.

Bring Hunter into your home:


Start a Crowdfunding Campaign

This Giving Tuesday, you can make a HUGE impact by activating your community on behalf of kNot Today. When you join our crowdfunding team, we equip you with digital content to share on social media so you can  help raise awareness and dollars for change. The money you raise will be doubled thanks to a generous, anonymous donor mentioned. We are excited to have you on our team!

Create a campaign:


Take the Caregiver Pledge

Join thousands of parents across the country and take our pledge to have an age-appropriate conversation with your child TODAY to protect, empower, and prepare them for the future. After virtually signing the pledge, print it out as a reminder and share on social media to encourage your friends to do the same.

For information on how to start those conversations you can check out our Caregiver Guide at If you are an organization or business that could benefit from printed copies of the guide for distribution (pre-school, health care clinic, HR department etc.), please reach out to us at!

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Buy Holiday Gifts on Amazon

Holiday shopping for family and friends can be challenging! We all know Amazon makes it easy (and fast!) But did you know that if you shop using Amazon Smile, a portion of your purchases can be donated directly to kNot Today? It takes 5 minutes to set up your Amazon Smile account at Choose kNot Today from the list of organizations and your everyday purchases and gifts turn into $$ for children!


Become a Corporate Partner

Corporate opportunities range from educational programs to drive employee awareness, encouraging employer match gifts, and becoming a kNot Today Program Partner to financially supporting a specific initiative based on your company’s culture and passion. We are also looking for brand partners who can help drive broader awareness and education  for adults and ongoing education for children.

To discuss ways your company can engage in giving back to protect children across Indiana, visit


Get Creative With Gift Giving

The National Football League generously provides access to top of the line Nike and New Era gear that we brand for kNot Today!. Wear our merch and share our mission by showing off “the knot” on your hoodies, hats, and t-shirts.

We are also honored to partner with Reis Nichols, a leading jeweler based in Indianapolis, who has hand-crafted bracelets, necklaces, and lapel pins that highlight ‘the knot’. With different styles and colors to choose from, the gift of jewelry has never been more meaningful. A portion of the proceeds from these pieces goes to kNot Today to aid us in our mission.

But of course, we can’t forget our own ‘go-to’ gift during the holiday season: a lovely candle. Beckley’s Best Blends, a local candle maker and friend to kNot Today, is donating all proceeds from their ‘Unbreakable’ candle to kNot Today. This candle has a very special meaning, and we look forward to sharing that story with you later this year. 

Visit our shop to get creative with your gift giving:


Join Our Donor Team

Our monthly supporters are the foundation of kNot Today. With their recurring support, we are able to go above and beyond in our initiatives to protect children from sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. In addition to making a difference, monthly donors will have access to exclusive updates and exciting opportunities. Consider becoming a monthly donor today to make an even greater impact!  

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Use Your Voice!

You have a unique perspective and community, so this one is easy. Let’s say ‘NOT TODAY’ out loud. We know this issue is hard to stomach, but it’s our responsibility to be a voice for children across our nation and the world. We CAN and WILL make a difference. Maybe that’s saving one child. Putting one abuser behind bars. Educating one more parent. Changing one law. 

Help us spread the message. You can do that by following us at ‘kNot Today Fdn’ (@knottodayfdn) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Like and share our content; you never know who may need to see it. Share the Caregiver Guide. Have conversations with your kids. Hold your schools and coaches accountable for being aware and educated on this topic. 



It takes a strong plan and a strong team to protect the beauty and innocence of childhood. We are so grateful for your support, advocacy, and ACTION! 

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