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We are making strategic investments that will make a big impact to protect and restore children who have been sexually abused, exploited or trafficked

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The Child Protection Grant

kNot Today has had the  honor of  awarding over $360,000  in grants to 20  amazing organizations in the last two years through our Child Protection Grant as well as through Prevention Education grants. But this is just the beginning. We believe that part of our role as an organization is to be a catalyst. That means finding, vetting and partnering with other organizations who are making a big impact to protect and restore children who have been sexually abused, exploited or trafficked. Extensive research is conducted – including a thorough needs assessment – to identify the organizations best equipped to meet the needs of children in our grant focus areas of prevention and restoration. kNot Today typically makes one-year grants, with awards between $5,000 and $50,000. Exceptions are permitted in rare circumstances for larger awards or multi-year grants.

The grant cycle

kNot Today makes strategic investments in programs that offer preventive strategies and/or proactive initiatives in one or more of the following focus areas that align with the organization’s mission to end the sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of children.

Assist law enforcement agencies with the tools and technology to expand and scale their efforts to protect children.

Promote access to education in schools that will advance the identification of children in need.

Provide educational and workforce opportunities that help survivors reach their full potential.

Ensure survivors have access to long-term, restorative care and their basic needs are met through reliable housing, education and transportation.

The grant cycle

To receive funds, your agency must:

Have 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Spend no more than 5% of your budget on legislative involvement.

Faith-based applicants should clarify whether, and the extent to which, the organization’s religious beliefs are integrated into the project.

The guidelines

  • KT grants fund specific programs that support children.
  • KT encourages that each agency only submits one application per year. Given the high demand for funding, it is unlikely that KT will be able to provide funding for more than one program per agency within a grant year.
  • KT funds projects that will make a measurable difference, and for which impact can be demonstrated and shared.
  • KT examines the financial stability of programs and agencies.
  • KT favors innovative, collaborative, and creative programs that meet community needs and align with our mission to protect and empower children.
  • KT will conduct interviews prior to allocating funds.
  • KT will prioritize funding for organizations in Indiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina in this grant cycle.

Process overview and timeline

Letters of Intent (LOI) – if after reviewing kNot Today’s mission and focus areas you feel your organization is a match, please submit a request through the form below.

If your inquiry meets criteria in the initial review, you will receive an invitation email to submit the Full Application. If you are selected as a finalist, an interview will be scheduled. These steps are not an indication of funding. kNot Today will communicate a decision about your application when the programmatic review and due diligence process is complete in October.

The grant process and timeline is subject to change at kNot Today’s sole discretion.

Letter of Intent Submission Opens

May 1, 2023

Letter of Intent Submission Closes

July 1, 2023

Applications Due
September 1, 2023, 11:59pm

Finalist Interviews September 2023

Notification of Funding

September 29, 2023

Grant Reception and Celebration

October, Date TBD

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