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kNot Today is honored to work with many passionate volunteers who help us see our mission through. From large community events to helping at our headquarters, our volunteers are vital to the work we do to Protect the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood. Take our volunteer survey so we can learn more about you and how you’d like to utilize your time and talent for kNot Today!

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Let’s hear from our kNot Today Volunteers:

Mike Oisten

“We were put on this earth to come together and fight against evil opposition. My support of kNot Today is a reflection of my family’s calling to protect our children along with the many children around the country that we will never meet.“

Dr. Holly Robinson

“kNot Today founders recognized the child sexual abuse crisis that technology has fostered. Like never before, our children are extremely vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking. I am honored to support an organization that is committed to doing whatever it takes to protect our youth.“

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Thank you for your interest in serving kNot Today’s mission of Protecting the Beauty and
Innocence of Childhood! Please take this brief survey to help us find the appropriate role for you.

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