Educator’s Guide
Protecting Students From Sexual Abuse, Exploitation And Trafficking

Educators play a critical role in the identification and training against child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. We created the Educator’s Guide in partnership with experts in school administration, social work/counseling, law enforcement, school safety, survivor services and education in the classroom.

Children and adolescents spend a large portion of their time in school, and educators intersect or have more access to students than most other professionals. Educators are any person or persons who serve the child in the school setting – not just the teacher. Your role as an educator, when met with a student who is experiencing sexual trauma, can result in an outcome that will make a decisive difference in their life and future.

52% of child abuse cases classified as causing harm to a child were identified by educators, more than any other profession.

We hope that this guide will educate and inform you in your role as an ‘educator’ in protecting children from abuse.

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