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It Takes All of Us to End ChildSexual Abuse and Exploitation

A commitment to supporting our mission may look different for each person, but the one thing we all have in common is the ability to take ACTION.

As believers in kNot Today’s mission, we invite you to find a way that inspires you to get involved this year!

Our Passionate Volunteers

Our Helping Heroes

kNot Today is honored to work with many passionate volunteers who help us see our mission through. From large community events to helping at our headquarters, our volunteers are vital to the work we do to Protect the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood. Take our volunteer survey so we can learn more about you and how you’d like to utilize your time and talent for kNot Today!

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Let’s hear from our kNot Today Volunteers:

Mike Oisten

“We were put on this earth to come together and fight against evil opposition. My support of kNot Today is a reflection of my family’s calling to protect our children along with the many children around the country that we will never meet.“

Dr. Holly Robinson

“kNot Today founders recognized the child sexual abuse crisis that technology has fostered. Like never before, our children are extremely vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking. I am honored to support an organization that is committed to doing whatever it takes to protect our youth.“

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Thank you for your interest in serving kNot Today’s mission of Protecting the Beauty and
Innocence of Childhood! Please take this brief survey to help us find the appropriate role for you.

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The Pledge

The exploitation and sexual abuse of children can happen to anyone regardless of
demographics or socioeconomic status–no one is exempt. As a parent/caregiver,
you are the first line of defense in protecting your child.

A Hero is Proactive. Take the Pledge.

At kNot Today, we know this is a difficult topic to digest, so we’ve created
an easy-to-use guide to facilitate these conversations. Join thousands of parents and caregivers from across the country who are choosing to be a
hero and be proactive for their children.

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Heros comes in all shape


On-going, age-appropriate conversations are the key to developing open communication about important topics with your child. Remember, if your child shares something that shocks or concerns you, stay calm and don’t overreact. Affirm that it was brave to share.


Understanding how predators work will help you protect your child online. Predators will often mimic the behavior of a friend their age through fake accounts, commenting on posts to build trust before asking more personal questions.


Watch carefully those people who go above and beyond to spend time with your child, especially if they seek one-on-one time (ex. free babysitting) Many times, when something looks too good to be true it probably is.


In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, it is critical for parents/caregivers to stay up-to-date on the latest apps and platforms kids are using. Predators often use specific terminology in hopes of remaining undetected. Learn the lingo and monitor your child’s devices.

I promise to educate myself on these topics and I promise to have an age-appropriate conversation with my child TODAY to protect, empower, and prepare them for the future.

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    By participating in this 2 minute survey, you have the opportunity to help kNot Today make a positive change to Protect the Beauty and Innocence of Childhood.

    Your participation is fully voluntary, confidential, and anonymous as we do not capture any personal data. Please be aware that the content of this survey may
    be sensitive for some individuals.

    Thank you for choosing to make a difference!

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    Your contribution will
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    It takes all of us to form a strong defense for our children.

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