Our Mission

kNOT TODAY is a faith-based organization existing to serve both local and national communities by uniting, mobilizing and supporting organizations that focus on combating the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Our desire is to provide innovative and outcome-based support to increase awareness, initiate creative prevention strategies, and develop optimal restoration programs. We are passionate about preserving the innocence of childhood and the cultivation of societies where children can still be children.

kNOT TODAY engages community leaders, churches, legislators, law enforcement and complimentary organizations—locally and nationally—in an effort to frustrate the plans of child predators. We accomplish this through collaborative and creative prevention initiatives, incorporating  sports teams, athletes and celebrity figures, children’s television programming, broadcasting, social media, video games, toys and children’s merchandising companies.

Our Vision

To awaken an inattentive and complacent society to the gravity and atrocity against the beauty of childhood.

In addition to awareness and preventative measures, we:

  • Come alongside local and national organizations to assist them in establishing brick and mortar institutes that provide practical and restorative care utilizing professionally and uniquely qualified child trauma clinicians;

  • Incorporate medical professionals

  • Provide educational and vocational opportunities and a continuum of care until, after proper evaluation, each child is deemed emotionally and physically stable and prepared to be reintroduced into a safe home/family environment, a scholastic institution, and/or cultural aspects of society.

Our hope is to reorient each exploited child’s heart and mind with a renewed sense of joy and their inherent value in the eyes of God and their place in the world.

Founders’ Story

Business owners, speakers, and philanthropists Frank and Linda Reich bring their heart and passion to kNOT TODAY.

As parents of three daughters and one granddaughter, they consider themselves fortunate that they have not experienced directly the impact of child exploitation.

However in missionary and community service work, as well as helping friends and family cope with the trauma of this issue, they understand all too well how big the problem is, and how close to home it can hit.

The Reich’s created kNOT TODAY after seeing the need for public awareness of child sexual abuse and exploitation, prevention tactics, and the necessity of supporting restoration programs for children who have been victimized.

Board of Directors

Linda Reich


Frank Reich

Vice President

Lia Reich-Brown


Aviry Reich-Williams


Hanna Reich

Media & News

A Letter From Our Founders
A Letter From Our Founders

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How to Activate for kNot Today This Giving Season

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