Unbreakable Candle

You can purchase the UNBREAKABLE Candle through Beckley’s Best Blends. Click the link HERE to make your purchase and 100% of proceeds will support kNot Today.


Marie Beckley's Story

"I am so pleased to share the candle we've created in memory of my husband, Joe Beckley. When the first anniversary of his death was approaching, I knew I had to do something to help turn the pain into purpose. Joe loved meeting our customers, and how they enjoyed the candles he made (with love). Since his death, many of our loyal customers have reached out, and I know without a doubt he will be forever missed... by many. My prayer is that his life, through his death, will have more meaning than he ever imagined was possible.

Every part of the Unbreakable candle was carefully thought out. It's the most beautiful representation of Joe and the work he put into the world. We've paid great attention to detail:

  • It's 100% soy, and it comes in a beautiful gift box, ready to give.
  • The labels are vinyl (waterproof) and can be washed (remember-our jars clean up with soap and water just like you 😉) and repurposed for many things: i.e., pens/pencils, a votive holder, paperclips, or anything else you can imagine.
  • The sprig of cedar is from a tree in the yard that we planted together.

100% of the proceeds will go to The Knot Today Foundation. Your donation will go towards the printing and distribution of parent and caregiver guides to 'guide' them through awareness and prevention strategies and knowing the signs of childhood sexual abuse so we can stop this epidemic. We hope you enjoy this unique blend of evergreen, created for the UNBREAKABLE candle. Thank you so much for your help in breaking the "UNBREAKABLE" silence. Unbreakable video."


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