kNOT TODAY objectives are to provide innovative and outcome-based support to increase awareness, initiate creative prevention strategies, and develop optimal restoration programs.


  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to begin in 2020 locally and nationally. Upcoming events giving local and national exposure to the prevalence of this issue in our community.
  • Engage community leaders, sports teams, celebrity figures, children’s television programming, social media, medical professionals, toy companies, and children’s merchandising companies to “share the message.”


  • Align with companies to combat technological predators.
  • Work with local FBI and law enforcement agencies to identify those at risk and rescue those being victimized.
  • Support our education system in teaching children and adults how to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • Convene community support on all levels.


  • Purchase and maintain buildings to support service providers for immediate and long term care.
  • Financial support to increase the number of children being served in local communities.
  • Develop resources to give victims educational, emotional, spiritual, and everyday life skills enabling them to live healthy, happy, and productive lives.
  • Partner with and support organizations that provide practical and restorative care utilizing professionally and uniquely qualified child trauma clinicians.
  • Support housing options for transitioning to independent living.
  • kNOT TODAY aligns with faith-based organizations that provide voluntary opportunities for Christ-centered spiritual growth.