kNot Today’s objectives are to provide innovative and outcome-based support to increase awareness, initiate creative prevention strategies, and develop optimal restoration programs.


Child sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking is a subject that can be extremely uncomfortable to talk about, and because of that, people do not realize how prevalant this issue really is. With our awareness efforts, our goal is to make it known so we can get ahead of it.


Our hope is not only that we can educate and engage the public on this ongoing epidemic, but that we can prevent it from happening. From educational pieces we have put together for parents and caregivers to buying an Electronic Detection K9 that can sniff out hidden technology, our mission is to see the statistics lower.


kNot Today is not a direct service provider, but we are aware of how important it is that child survivors get the help they need. kNot Today strives to provide resources, support, and funding to vetted service providers in caring for children in need.