There is an epidemic in our country –

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a topic barely palatable for most, so people choose to ignore it – assuring themselves that, “it doesn’t happen in our society.”

But the truth is in Indiana alone, 40% of victims recovered were under 15 years of age. Additionally, recent data shows those recovered were as young as 4 when first victimized.

“Last year, tech companies reported over 45 million online photos and videos of children being sexually abused – more than double what they found the previous year. Twenty years ago, online images were a problem; 10 years ago, an epidemic. Now the crisis is at a breaking point.”

– NY Times Article (9/28/19)

Reports of child sexual abuse imagery:





over 3000
over 100,000
surpassed 1 Million
18.4 Million

It is happening in our community
and across all socioeconomic levels

in many cases, evolving into long-term sexual abuse.

How You Can Help

kNOT TODAY engages community leaders, churches, legislators, law enforcement and complimentary organizations—locally and nationally—in an effort to frustrate the plans of child predators.