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Joining together to protect the beauty and innocence of every child against sexual abuse and exploitation.


Our Mission

kNot Today exists to generate awareness, initiate prevention strategies, and assist in the development of innovative healing programs for sexually abused and exploited children.


Our Vision

kNot Today strives to bring about a world which cherishes and protects the beauty and innocence of every child.


The Problem

The sexual abuse & exploitation of children is a topic barely palatable for most. It is happening in every community and across all socioeconomic levels in many cases, evolving into long-term sexual abuse. The CyberTipline receives reports about multiple forms of online child sexual exploitation.  Reports regarding CSAM, legally referred to as child pornography, make up the largest reporting category.

Reports of child sexual abuse material to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


In 2020


In 2021


In 2022

When kNot Today was founded in 2019, we had one goal: protect children.

The fight is a dark one; yet, we remain encouraged because the victories also have been great.

The NFL platform gives us a unique platform and opportunity to make a difference.

Meet Our NFL Advocates

Our Approach

Our mission is to generate awareness and initiate prevention strategies to end sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking of children. We also partner with vetted, restorative service providers to improve their capacity to care for children who have experienced sexual trauma.


Creating a
Mass Awareness

The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is a topic barely palatable for most, so people choose to ignore it – assuring themselves that, ‘it doesn’t happen in our society.’ Our goal is to drive maximum attention to this issue by using our platform to inform and engage the public and lawmakers with information and data.



Driving Prevention Strategies

We know demand is the driving force behind the sexual trafficking and exploitation of children. We want to ensure that law enforcement has the required resources to prosecute predators and parents and caregivers are educated and informed on how to protect the children in their care.



Supporting the Restorative Journey

kNot Today is not a direct service provider, but we are passionate about finding best-in-class partners to ensure child survivors get the help they need during their healing process. kNot Today strives to provide resources, support, and funding to vetted service providers to better support children.



Our Team

Linda Reich
President and co-founder

Linda and her husband Frank founded kNot Today in 2019 after living and engaging on this issue in communities from coast to coast. After experiencing the scale of this issue across the country, Linda and Frank were compelled to make an impact. Prior to founding kNot Today, Linda completed her Masters in Divinity from Reformed Theological Seminary and completed her training as a Registered Nurse from Lancaster School of Nursing. She brings a faith-based and family-centric mindset to her role at kNot Today and in her community as a family and child advocate.

Emma Marsh
Managing Director

Since joining the kNot Today Foundation in 2021, Emma Marsh has played an integral role in building impactful programs, streamlining operations, and cultivating key strategic partnerships for the organization. As Managing Director, she leads the Indiana Prevention Education Coalition, an initiative started by kNot Today to convene child abuse prevention educators across the state. Emma holds a bachelor’s in Human Services from Purdue University.

Tammy Ford
Director of Philanthropy

Tammy, a Coastal Carolina University graduate, joined kNot Today in July 2023 bringing extensive experience in fundraising, grant writing, and philanthropy from her work across the Carolinas. At kNot Today, she spearheads efforts to boost fundraising and secure sustainable funding for our initiatives. Her expertise in developing persuasive grant proposals and building robust donor relationships are crucial in amplifying awareness and gathering the vital resources needed to advance our mission.

Shelby Thomas
Marketing & Communications Manager

Shelby joined kNot Today in September 2022. After earning her design degree from IUPUI, she spent 10 years in marketing, design and event planning. As a mother of three small children, Shelby felt instantly connected to the mission of kNot Today and its team. She is passionate about using her skills to raise awareness for the mission through creative and educational content.


Board of Directors

Linda Reich

President and, Co-Chair, kNot Today

Frank Reich

Vice President and Co-Chair

Dave Browne

Vice Chair

Alicia Tyson


Moriag McCarthy


Sean Clapp

Clapp Ferrucci Practice

Steve Campbell

VP of Communications, Indianapolis Colts

Lia Reich

COO, Cloneable.ai

Shakeira Tennort

VP Chase Bank Community Manager

Alan Tyson

President, Architech Sports and Physical Therapy

Megan Pace

Corporate Affairs Executive

Dr. Holly Robinson

Eli Lilly and Co/IU Health and School of Medicine, Sr. Medical Advisor/ Pediatrician
in Child Abuse Pediatrics

Nicole Grove

Supply Chain, Engineering and Logistics Executive


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